Fort Scott National Historic Site

All persons, regardless of where they live or their specific passions for enhancing the quality of life of the community, can give to the Fort Scott Area Community Foundation. Giving to and through FSACF is a one-stop, simple way to become philanthropic. FSACF is a tax-exempt, public charity that allows people to support community needs.

FSACF is able to accept many forms of gifts, including checks, stocks, life insurance, bequests, and other planned gifts. Additionally, FSACF has the ability to work with more complicated gifts such as real estate.

FSACF was created to encourage philanthropy and provide benefactors with a variety of giving options. Giving anonymously is always available to those benefactors who so choose.

Advantages to giving to FSACF are as follows:

  1. Tax deduction
  2. No set-up costs
  3. Flexibility: Address one need or many