Benefits of Establishing A Fund

There are a number of worthwhile reasons to give through the Fort Scott Area Community Foundation:

  • The FSACF is committed to improving the quality of life in Fort Scott and the surrounding area.
  • FSACF Board members have an understanding of the area's issues and needs.
  • The FSACF is able to personalize their service based upon the needs of the donor.
  • Our funds allow donors to invest in the causes they care about.
  • A wide variety of assets may be used to establish funds at the FSACF including appreciated stock, real estate, retirement plan assets, and cash.
  • All administrative tasks are handled by our affiliate, the Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas staff, including management of contributions, records of transactions, disbursement of checks to multiple organizations from one donor gift and research of issues and organizations of interest to the donor.
  • FSACF funds benefit from high quality and diversified investment management.
  • A permanent record of the donor's charitable interests, philanthropic endeavors, community legacy and giving philosophy is maintained.
  • Full income, gift and estate tax benefits allowed by law.
  • No on-going tax filings are required.
  • Anonymity can be kept, if desired.