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New Board Members Recently Elected to FSACF Board

Frank Halsey, president Mid-Continental Restoration - Barbara Albright, H&H Realty
Mike Emmerson, senior vice president of Landmark National Bank

These board members were elected to three year terms. In addition to serving on the board, each has assumed responsibility on a committee with Albright and Halsey serving on the marketing committee and Emmerson on the asset development committee. All three are actively involved in the current campaign "Good Works Forever" to raise matching funds for $75,000 gift by several local philanthropists. If successful, the campaign will raise a $150,000 in new money for the unrestricted endowed fund enabling additional funds for grants on an annual basis.

Fort Scott Area Community Foundation Participates in National Effort to Highlight Local Impact of Philanthropy

The Fort Scott Area Community Foundation Board members include front row from left: Blake Hudson, David Martin, Barbara Albright, Melissa Wise, Carla Farmer, chairperson, Beth Nuss, and Patty LaRoche. Back row from left: David Shepherd, Frank Halsey, Mike Emerson, Dr. Randy Nichols, Larry Davenport, Dick Hedges, Charles Gentry, Jim Banwart, and Otie Thomas. Not pictured: Stephanie Witt, Janet Ida, Bob Marshall, Richard Goldston, Tim Bloomfield, Bob Larkin, Steve Buerge, Pat Alexander, and Micheal Bryant. Read Press Release Here

FSACF Awards 2014 Grants

FSACF Awards 2014 Grants

On November 13, 2014, at the Chamber Coffee at Landmark National Bank, Fort Scott Area Community Foundation used the interest from unrestricted endowed funds to award 17 grants to community charitable agencies. The total amount granted for 2014 was $23,793.

Photo by Meredith Hill

FSACF Elects New Board Members

FSACF New Board Members - July 2014

At the July 28, 2014 Board meeting, FSACF seated eight new Board members. Pictured above on the front row are Beth Nuss and Melissa Wise. On the back row, are Otie Thomas, Pat Alexander, and Tim Bloomfield. Not present for the picture were Bob Marshall, Micheal Bryant, and Stephanie Witt.

Photo by Clayton Hixon

William F. Lehman American History Scholarship Established

Carolyn Cooper (on the right) had two books published by The Old Fort Genealogy Society. She is shown with Sandra Haimerl and Arnold Schofield behind the grave stone of a Civil War soldier that they spent many hours researching. Due to the generosity of the late Carolyn Cooper, the William F. Lehman American History Scholarship is now available to Bourbon County high school or college students who want to major or minor in American History in college.

Photo provided by Arnold Schofield.

Good Works Forever Campaign Moves Forward

On March 20, 2014, Landmark Bank chairman of the board Pat Alexander presented the lead gift to the Fort Scott Area Community Foundation’s Good Works Forever campaign during the Chamber of Commerce Coffee. The check for $5,000 was accepted by FSACF chairperson Carla Farmer as the first installment of a three-year pledge. Landmark Bank’s gift will be matched dollar for dollar as part of the campaign, resulting in a total of $30,000 be added to the general endowed fund.

Pictured above, from left to right are Dick Hedges, Alexander, Farmer and David Shepherd. (Hedges and Shepherd are members of the FSACF Asset Development Committee.)

Photo by Lauren Stanley

2013 FSACF Grants Awarded

At the Chamber Coffee on November 7, 2013, in the Landmark Bank lobby (formerly Citizens), representatives of eleven charitable organizations were awarded a 2013 grant by FSACF chairperson, Carla Farmer.

Photo by FSACF Board member Lindsay Madison

FSACF Good Works Forever Campaign

FSACF Good Works Forever Campaign

On October 15, 2013, the FSACF Asset Development Committee will launch its Good Works Forever campaign. The campaign provides a "dollar for dollar" matching gift opportunity through the generosity of several local philanthropists. Anonymous seed donors are pledging up to $75,000 over three years ($25,000 per year) to match donors' gifts. If fully utilized, this campaign will raise a total of $150,000 in new funds that will be placed in the FSACF General Endowment Fund. This is an opportunity for FSACF to grow and benefit the Fort Scott area through its annual grants to charitable organizations.

Pictured above is the FSACF Asset Development Committee. From the left: Larry Davenport, Steve Buerge, Charles Gentry, David Shepherd. Not pictured: Richard Goldston, Dick Hedges, and Aileen Pollock.

Photo by Aileen Pollock

FSACF Seats New Board Members

On July 22, 2013, the Fort Scott Area Community Foundation added four new Board members. Pictured with Carla Bryant Farmer, the new chairperson, are new Board members Blake Hudson, Bob Larkin, and Dick Hedges. New Board member Patty LaRoche was not available for the picture.

Photo by Lindsay Madison.

Irby Grant Helps Fund Symbols of Sacrifice

On May 3, 2013, Janet (Irby) Braun, holding a photo of her late father Pratt Irby, presented a grant for over $700 to Reed Hartford, who accepted the funds on behalf of The Friends of Fort Scott National Historic Site. The “Friends” group will facilitate the Symbols of Sacrifice events in September, which will honor fallen soldiers from the War on Terror. The funds will be instrumental in purchasing nearly 7,000 flags to commemorate lost heroes.

Photo by Loretta George/Fort Scott Tribune

FSACF awards grant to GPT to help meet shortfall

At their January 28, 2013 Board meeting, the Fort Scott Area Community Foundation trustees approved a $2,000 grant to Fort Scott’s General Public Transportation program after its funding fell short. Due to contributions from FSACF and other local organizations, the program will be able to continue transporting passengers throughout Fort Scott as part of the General Public Transportation program, administered by the Bourbon County Senior Citizens, Inc.

Photo by FSACF Board member Vicki Wright

Bourbon County Interagency Coalition receives one of ten FSACF 2012 grants

At the Chamber Coffee on November 1, 2012, in the Citizens bank lobby, Bourbon County Interagency Coalition representative Billie Jo Drake represented one of the charitable organizations awarded a 2012 grant by FSACF board members Shirley Palmer (left) and Carol MacArthur. This grant will be used to provide rent and utilities vouchers for Bourbon County residents in need of assistance.

Photo by FSACF Board member Lindsay Madison